Preserve valuable thoughts and stories for generations to come. 


The Immortality Journal “In Memory of" edition was made with the purpose of supporting people who have experienced loss with an opportunity to reflect on and preserve the lives of dearly held loved ones that are no longer with us. 

Many of us are dealing with the loss of valued loved ones such as Parents and Grandparents, and their stories and legacy remain in the form of our own knowledge and memories. That’s why we have decided to create a product for this specific situation. Every life is valuable and we think it’s important to keep the memory of those we held dearly alive even after they're gone, not only so we can stay connected to them, but so the people and next generations who will never get the chance to meet them can really know who they were on a more deeper and authentic level than just the pictures and few stories shared.

This 72 question journal provides thought provoking question prompts to help you reflect and document valuable stories, memories, and thoughts. It includes a diverse range of question types from simple and fun prompts to deeper prompts that really make you think.


  • Capture valuable memories and stories in a lasting way.
  • Immortalise a loved one's life so that it can be shared with future generations to come as a beautiful personal keepsake 
  • It could even be a great connective opportunity to discuss and share stories with others who may have answers to questions you might not know!


Sample questions:


  • What's something other people would have found surprising about them?
  • Did they have any principles or beliefs they lived by?
  • Did they have any people they admired or looked up to?
  • Were they more of a structured person or a free spirit?
  • What’s a beautiful memory you have of this person?


The Immortality Journal ("In Memory of" Edition 1)

  • Available in Paperback and Hardback.

    • A5
    • Paperback: 195 g
    • Hardback: 291 g
    • 137 pages.
    • 72 Questions.
    • Beautiful quotes.
    • A Biographical information section.
    • A Family Tree Section.
    • 30 blank question spaces to fill with your own questions & prompts!