The Immortality Collection - December 2020

I am happy to share a number of new releases this December, including new additions to the product range and a fantastic Better With Age promotional video.

You can watch a snippet below:

Better With Age: Stories are meant to be shared.

A massive thanks to Mad Scientist Studios for the animated video.

Watch the full YouTube video: here.

The Better With Age Card Deck: Edition 1

The original aim with Better With Age was to create a tool that could provide the people creating their own memoirs with a structured way of reflecting and putting their stories together. Better With Age was always meant to be part of a bigger project, a biography kit that offered a variety of resources to help people working on their own physical autobiographies/memoirs, but I felt it was important to start small and use this product as a first step in building out the bigger project.

The focus was initially on creating something straight forward, easy to use, that gave a good enough structure, and that was also broad enough to capture a large part of the different aspects that make up someone’s personality. That’s how I came up with the six different categories - Personality, Experiences, Relationships, Career, Society and Curveballs. It was along the process in speaking to people, that the product evolved - people didn’t just want to create or receive a loved one's memoir, but to better connect with them and learn more about the lives of parents and grandparents today. This broadened the focus of the product into less of a tool for direct memoir writing, and instead more for reflection, conversations and the passing on of stories in the present. That’s what the product is in its current form, a reflective storytelling and relationship-building card deck.

You can find more about it here.

New Arrival: The Immortality Journal Original Edition 1

I had always been interested in creating a journal to go along with the Better With Age card deck. I just did not know when I would get the chance to make it. For me, one of the most important aspects of this whole process was documentation. Really being able to intentionally put down these stories, thoughts, and memories on paper. Stories and memories can be forgotten. They’re not truly immortalised until they are documented and preserved.

A few months ago when I was working on some accompanying material for Better With Age not too long after its launch, one of them being a downloadable guide for people to type/write in their answers when using the card deck. It was pretty simple, just lines and blank spaces, but once it was done I thought it might be more helpful to go all the way, and so I made it into a full product that included all the questions in the original Better With Age Deck. I saw it as a helpful companion product for the Better With Age deck, but I also saw its potential as a separate product that someone could use by themselves. The card deck was made to be used in 1-on-1 and group settings. Whereas journals tend to be used on a more individual and personal basis.

You learn more about the product: here.

New Arrival: The Immortality Journal: "In Memory of" Edition 1

After the first journal, I thought I was set. I felt like the two products I had, made sense and I didn’t really have to do any more. However, in seeing a lot of the loss many had undergone this year I thought I might be able to do something in this area. This was also on my list of things to do, but I didn’t think it would be this soon either, and I had been a little apprehensive as touching on the areas of grief and loss can be quite daunting and challenging.

Throughout this process, a lot of the people that have been the most supportive of what I was trying to do were those who had experienced the loss of a Grandparent/Parent. They tended to better connect with the value behind Better With Age because they had already experienced the loss. It was no longer an option for them to sit down and have these conversations. They loved the idea, but the product wasn’t for them. So I wanted to try and do something for them. I was very grateful for the opportunity to work on and create a product that can help people both reflect on and document the life and memories of a loved one that passed away. The “In Memory of” Edition is the first step in that direction.

You can learn more about the product here.

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