About Us

The journey began back in 2014 when my Grandfather suddenly fell ill and as a family, we all tried our best to nurse him back to health. In a really short timeframe, his health went through a rapid decline, which was a massive shock to all of us. This spurred a number of us to try and document some of his life experiences. A few months later he, unfortunately, passed away and that whole experience left me with a desire to do something to support the older generations. That's why years later I decided to work on this project. I wanted to try and create something that would have helped us back then. 

As I delved into the issues faced by older adults and their loved ones I came across a lot more than just my personal experience. Issues such as loneliness and a fear of being forgotten amongst older adults. The pain of losing a loved one and their story with them, space for deeper and more meaningful connections in our everyday lives. That’s why Better With Age exists today. As a tool to create a space for stories, conversations, memories to be shared and deeper connections to be built. It is also why a fraction of each sale goes towards initiatives and charities that support older adults, whether that be in making their lives easier as they age, or combatting loneliness.

In the future I want more people to feel empowered to share and document their stories, experiences, and wisdom. So that who we were, how we thought, how we lived can get passed down, and the people we never get a chance to meet can know us and feel connected to us long after we are gone.