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Better With Age

Better With Age: The reflective storytelling card game that works better the older you get! 

Inspired by the founder's own experiences with his late Grandfather, Better With Age was created to empower more people to share and pass on their stories.

What's in the box?​

A deck of 83 beautifully designed question cards that help cultivate autobiographical storytelling, and meaningful connection building across generations.

Organized into 6 different categories to help provide a rounded perspective of who someone truly is.


  • Make the time spent with a loved one both fun and meaningful.

  • Build deeper connections.

  • Share valuable stories and wisdom that can be passed on for generations to come.

  • ​Create a space to hear stories, ask questions, and have the conversations you don't normally have.

  • Made with Older Adults in mind.


"Interesting. Deep. Eye-opening. It was a good 'getting to know you' experience. An enlightening way of bringing friends and family together. We all answered the same questions from different perspectives. It brought 30-40-year-old memories to life."

Better With Age Deck

Better With Age Deck

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